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Preparing a site for construction begins with a focus on environmental responsibility.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control/Lowe's Through a number of different channels we control water or wind erosion throughout construction. By preserving existing natural erosion barriers, terracing or benching steep slopes, and protecting the site with silt fencing - a temporary permeable fabric barrier, sediment will settle from runoff before water leaves the construction site. To protect the natural environment from damage during construction, Austin Construction installs temporary drives for construction sites. And finally, retaining walls slow or prevent runoff of rain or irrigation waters from carrying away your soil and prevent oversaturation that can damage the site's trees.

(Pictured: Erosion control for Lowe's)

Tree Protection

After they are marked for preservation and barricaded for protection, select trees - and their feeder roots - are protected by sturdy, high visibility safety fencing.

Land Clearing

Industrial mowers, bushhogs, and heavy equipment are used to trim back or clear trees and brush from planned areas, preparing the site for construction. Throughout construction we maintain the site's remaining vegetation.

Site Utilities

Installation of site utilities like industrial waste lines, force mains, water lines, large diameter pipe, and sanitary and storm sewer systems is required at the early preparation phase of a site. Austin Construction works with engineers, planners and developers to ensure proper placement of all utilities.