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Austin Construction prepares a site for both foot and vehicle traffic through standard paving services. From concrete curb and sidewalk installation, to street paving, professional installation is a hallmark of Austin Construction.

Concrete Curbs

Using a slip form casting machine, Austin Construction constructs concrete curbs on sites where raised pavement, a sidewalk, footpath, road median, or road shoulder meets an unraised roadway. Curbs serve both as a gutter for proper drainage of the roadway, and to keep motorists from driving onto the shoulder, median, sidewalk, or pavement.

Stone Base

Although some 'full depth' pavements are built directly on the native subgrade, most asphalt pavements are built on a gravel base layer. Austin Construction installs the appropriate base prior to paving.

Asphalt Surface

Austin Construction has provided asphalt paving services for over 40 years - on roads, parking areas, and common areas. The actual material - HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt - is applied using a free floating screed. Asphalt roadways produce low noise, are relatively low cost compared with other paving methods, and are easy to repair.


Installation of sidewalks in planned foot traffic areas of sites requires a knowledgeable construction company. While sidewalks can be made of many materials, Austin Construction specializes in poured concrete walkways. Cross-lying strain relief grooves minimize visible damage or cracks from tectonic and temperature fluctuations. Freeze-thaw cycles and tree root growth are taken into consideration, when planning for sidewalk installation.